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Homebrew Demos

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This page will contain the different demos I will write for Playstation 3 with PSL1GHT and the ps3 toolchain. This page is in no way associated with sony and all the software is written with Open Source tools and libraries.

LostJared's Source Code Repo: http://lostsidedead.com/svn

Wrote some demos and made a video of them. You can download all four demos @ http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php?repname=openps3

The Different Demos Packages are for 3.55 will work on CFW 4.55 Rogero

Game Skeleton

This is the the basic code to cretae a app for Playstation 3. What I normally do when I start a new project is copy this folder and then modify it.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... 2f1e7a411d
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... eleton.pkg

Console Skeleton

This is a custom console that will allow you to use cout and cerr in your PS3 app and see the results on the screen.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... 1b5065b8a0
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... onsole.pkg

Random Pixels

This draws random pixels to the screen. Press X to exit.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... ed457976dd
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... pixels.pkg

Knights Tour


This demo solves the math problem of Knights Tour. Where a knight moves across a chessboard touching each square only once.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... 244e09f19f
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... tstour.pkg

Matrix Code Emulator


This demo draws the code like in the movie the matrix. Its not exactly like the film, but it was written in a short period of time and was fun to write.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... b4a5ac8853
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... matrix.pkg

Wall Pong


This demo creates a game of pong where you play agianst a wall. There is no score and it is a simple demo.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... 6dd10cd2c8
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... llpong.pkg

3 Card Monte


A quick game of 3 card monte. Shows the ace, cards are shuffled and you have to guess which one is the ace.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... de225f6b22
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... dmonte.pkg

2 Player Pong


This demo is a game of pong where you play against a friend.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... 2f1aa01784
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... 2Fpong.pkg

Codename Quadtris


This is a demo of a multidirectional puzzle game. How you play is you move the blocks based on there current direction. Swap the colors by pressing the opposite direction that they are moving. Press X to swap the order of the blocks. Line up 4 or more in a horizontal, vertical, or rectangle to clear them. Try and get as high score as you can before the grid fills up.

View Code: http://objective-c.info/svn/listing.php ... f4aaaa6b8a
Download PKG: http://objective-c.info/svn/filedetails ... adtris.pkg
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