Acid Cam v1.7.7 for Mac OS X

Acid Cam v1.7.7 for Mac OS X

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New in this version

New in 1.7.7
New filters

New in 1.7.6:
New filter and minor changes
New in 1.7.5:
Added frame counter
Now displays total video length while recording.
New in 1.7.4:
Fixed a few bugs.
Added 2 new filters.
New in 1.7.3:
Now also contains Spanish Language
If you can help translate into other languages contact me
Also this version uses the same temporary file name so only one item is stored in /tmp Before it was a random name.

New in 1.7.2:
More information about how to use this program is available in the Help menu.
Also added more information on the Select Image dialog.
Added more information to the preferences window.
When saving a video file the effects now turn off.
Added a new effect used mostly for the Custom dialog.

New in 1.7.1 New Effect
New in 1.7.0 Contains A New Effect, and other minor changes.
New in 1.6.9
Contains a new way to use the effects, with a custom dialog box. Mix and match effects with each other, and have them processed in the order you want. For best results, set the translation speed to very slow in preferences.

New in 1.6.8 Contains New Effect
1.6.7 new Effect.
1.6.6 new Effect.
1.6.5 I forgot to add the code to a few of the effects, corrected.
you can now negate the image and see the opposite of the spectrum, for any effect.
Video is now outputed at same resolution as your webcam if desired.
Removed the camera input preview, so it won't slow down the program.
Added menu item to disable/enable the effects.
This program now is compiled with minimum SDK requirement of 10.5
Added option to select the input device incase you have multiple devices (ie iSight, and a normal webcam).
While recording the program will slow down dramatically, however when the video is viewed it will play back at the correct frame rate/speed. (Set the desired frame rate in the Preferences window.)

About the Effects
The effects involving images, distort the view based off a still image.
The other effects, are just patterns of change to distort the data.

Download Acid Cam v1.7.7:

Download from MacUpdate:
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Each pixel r,g,b values are calculated for this program, not a color table. Take a look.
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