Acid Cam 2.0.17 for Ubuntu Linux (amd64)

Acid Cam 2.0.17 for Ubuntu Linux (amd64)

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Acid Cam 2 is a attempt to bring Acid Cam to more platforms with OpenCV (Open Computer Vision). Keep in mind by default it records to VideoFile.avi in current directory use -x argument to disable recording. To download the source code and compile for your own distro visit the svn repo.
Set focus to window and press the following keys to control the application.

Escape quit
's' take a snapshot of current frame
'x' reset alpha
'l' draw offset increased (change filter)
'o' draw offset decreased (change filter)
'n' toggle negative of current image
'p' toggle pass 2 enabled
'h' slide show activated/deactivated
'j' Rand filter (when slide show is activated)

Command Line arguments:
-t 0.3 [Translation speed a floating point number for how fast the animation goes.]
-l input_file.avi [Use video instead of camera]
-d device [Capture device index]
-x [Disable recording]
-f fps [Frames per second]
-p alpha [Second pass alpha level]
-o output.avi [Output avi filename]
-s seed [Random generator seed]
-i imgfile.jpg [Image for blend with image functions]
-v imglist.txt [Image list for image functions]
-w width [Webcam Resolution width]
-h height [Webcam Resolution Height]

For Ubuntu Linux: ... .amd64.deb
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