AF_Filter v1.08

AF_Filter v1.08

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is a GUI for some of my custom software filters. You can select a image, and set the index to any frame in the animation. This gives a greater degree of control over what frame you want. Now contains Red/Green/Blue sliders for further precision. A Set current filtered image as source option so you can chain together filters. Also copy to pasteboard so you can easily transfer the image between applications.

Filters Included:
AC Self AlphaBlend
Reverse Self AlphaBlend
Opposite Self AlphaBlend
AC2 Distort
Reverse Distort
Opposite Distort
Full Distort
A New One
AC2 NewOne
AC Thought Filter
Line Draw
Gradient Square
Color Wave
Pixelated Gradient
Combined Gradient
Average Divide
Cos/Sin Multiply
Modulus Multiply
z+1 Blend
Diamond Pattern
Pixelated Shift
Pixelated Mix
Color Accumulate
Color Accumulate #2
Color Accumulate #3
Vertical Average
Circular Blend
Average Blend
Random Number
Gradient Repeat

Hash: SHA1 = 415a1978a52b597cbbeef7cbe35946f827d20d89

Download AF_Filter v1.08 for Mac OS X 10.7 or greater:
View Source code: ... fa79d3c5a0
Full Resolution Sample Images:

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